"Buon Padre" is a seasonal cuisine. Dishes and raw materials change with the passing of the seasons.
Claudio Viberti
Thanks to the daily shopping, Marco always offers a menu that respects the territory, its products and their availability. His creative inspiration always has a key to revisit and freshness in all his dishes. The Menu is in continuous evolution although the cardinal points of the Good Father are always present, like the Tajarin and the Guanciale overcooked with Barolo.
The highest expression is probably the fall where game, mushrooms, braised meats and fondue are some of the main dishes of this season, arriving at the White Truffle, the undisputed King of the table in this autumn period. winter.

Il Tajarin

Tajarin is undoubtedly the specialty of Buon Padre. A symbol, a certainty that for years distinguishes the memory of all those who come to visit us. With Maria's teaching and careful supervision, the cutting of this pasta has become a "cliquet" fundamental to the personality of the restaurant, which makes it unmistakable.