The art of fine living

The name of the restaurant "Buon Padre" recalls the old hospitality of a welcoming tavern, a meeting point, a certainty. In the routine of the work in the fields, the journeys of the traders and the vigneron, a welcome stopping point was in the history of the Langa: il Buon Padre.

A place where at the simple stop and refreshment, for over a century intertwine the exchange of ideas, the more or less heated discussions of local traders and winemakers, the fun, the joy of living, the moment of celebration and the art also that more figurative than local artists, like Oreste Tarditi, who in the '80s loved to spend whole afternoons in the walls of the Buon Padre.

The soul of the Buon Padre is the same today. It embodies the spirit of hospitality and hospitality that existed at the time. Today internationality is given by its guests who come to visit us from every part of the world with the desire to stay with the family, to savor the tradition. A few seats, simple appearance, constant quality research over time and decisive.

The Place

Third Generation

OToday, to mark the third generation step is Claudio who for some years has been guiding the family activities with tenacity. From his main role as winemaker winemaker, Claudio does not fail to attend and supervise the activities of the Buon Padre, central and emotional hub of the Viberti family. The same restaurant has given its name to what is undoubtedly the most representative label of the Viberti cellars: Il Barolo Buon Padre.

In the kitchen the generational change sees new faces moving in all its creativity: Marco Benente guides the gastronomic offer under the watchful eye of Mary, true soul and human presence of the local. Marco interprets the dishes of the best regional tradition, which he underlines, his cuisine is seasonal, and the proposal follows the availability and availability of raw materials.


Maria Rosso

Claudio Viberti

Giovanni Viberti

Marco Benente