The origins

Some documents found in the historic house in Via delle Viole 30, show us how the Good Father's inn was already at the service of travelers and the local community in 1890. The purchase of the house with attached farm for the production of wine dates back to 1923 when Cavalier Antonio Viberti and his family transform a part of the house into a foodstuff and resale of salts and tobaccos. His passion for wine drives him to produce a Nebbiolo (which later became the best known Barolo Buon Padre in the following years) that was exclusively served in the tavern. The multiple activities allow Antonio Viberti to guarantee a job for his sons over the years of "malora" (a period of particular economic hardship immediately following the Second World War). In particular, Giovanni Viberti, after having married Maria Rosso, decided to continue the restaurant and wine production business.

Maria e Giovanni

Strengthened by the collaboration with his wife Maria, Giovanni has been developing restaurant and wine production since 1968, enhancing the acquisition of vineyards and land of particular value and vocation. The figure of Mary within the "family-company" assumes a fundamental role. His strong culinary talent, his tenacity and determination are the characteristics that have allowed the successful career of her husband Giovanni. Mary, today a pulsating spirit of the Good Father, has known beyond the work to raise the 3 children within the walls of the tavern. Values ​​and principles founded on work and sacrifice that have been well transmitted to the following generations.

Known in particular for its pasta, Maria has created with its pasta cutting a real trademark recognized all over the world. For over 47 years his contribution to the Good Father is fundamental, also and above all for his human presence of the local.

Third Generation

Today, the youngest son Claudio, who is directly involved in the management of the cellars and the inn, is marking the step of the third generation. Since its entry, the work team has seen the inclusion of some talented young people who together with Claudio have developed and strengthened their family activities. Today the future is even more consolidated and Claudio himself is making a new big step for the Viberti family.

La Gemella

2019 will see the opening of a new restaurant in the center of the historic village of Barolo. An ancient inn with a modern and innovative management. The name tells the story of a recent success in the wine world of Viberti cellars. Entirely dedicated to Mary, mother, cook and sister "twin" by birth. The Locanda Gemella will bear the name of the famous label of Barbera d'Alba. If before the restaurant gave the name to the wine, today is the wine that pays homage to the Locanda. A story that repeats itself and confirms the strong link between wine and catering of the Viberti family.


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